Amazing 10 Wonderful Diy Calendar Ideas

The time has gone when we hanged calendars of different brands. Now, you can create the beautiful and simple calendars like this by yourself.

This is actually a creative way of making the room’s diy calendar. Don’t forget to frame it in the end.

I must say that this style of calendar is going to win many hearts. It is looking exquisite, simple and decent.

Memorize the special dates in such a beautiful way. This is another perfect way of making your own calendar.

The framed photo is actually a template that may help you in developing diy calendar. This is so easy to create.

Seems simple but is elegant. The white wall can’t have any suitable calendar than this. The white paper and black marker are sufficient to make it.

This customized framed glass photo is a calendar in actual. You can use temporary marker for adding and removing dates.

Traditional style calendar with the simple design. It also doesn’t occupy lots of space of your shelf or side racks.

Such a cool color of this framed calendar. This seems so simple to create and any color can be chosen as per your room’s theme.

Another customized calendar with the beautiful design of yellow and white combo. People are highly using such calendars because of convenience.