10 Mind-Blowing Diy Floating Shelves

10 Mind-Blowing Diy Floating Shelves

The white floating shelf attached with the wooden section. This is the incomparable idea of fixing the shelf in the wall.

The side area of the room has been utilized properly by building the various section of the shelf. This is another perfect idea for you.

Black is always love. The different sizes of shelves made with iron are looking stunning on the wall. You shouldn’t miss this design if you’re looking for the one.

The beautiful round wooden floating shelf is decorated with the plants. It is the foremost way of hanging a shelf in front of the window.

Three dark brown packed shelves are not only looking great but also seems quite useful. You should definitely follow this design for your room.

This is another unique style of fixing the shelves on the wall. You can add more great style by relying on this design for setting up the shelves.

What could more you ask than these two think shelves for placing the awards and achievements? These are really quite beautiful.

The two simple shelves for storing important stuff in the toilet. Take two hard and thick bars of wood and fix them on the wall.

Four box-like shelves are perfect to keep large stock of your old books. You can also use them for keeping other stuff.

Three shelves in a row can be simply constructed by yourself. All you need to do is to fix them properly on the wall.