Coolest Ideas Repurposing An Old TV Stand

Coolest Ideas Repurposing An Old TV Stand

This diy TV stand really gives great goals of crafting the wall fixed wooden piece for fitting the LED and making rack on the bottom.

Set of drawers, racks, shelves and LED fitting area in a stand make it quite worthy. Every home should include this piece of furniture in the lounge.

Two long shelves under the wall-fitted LED TV shows the best concept of decorating your lounge. You should also try it for sure.

This old stand has been perfectly transformed by excluding a central section. All you need to do is to think creatively and change your furniture in this way.

This rack of shelves work excellently to become a good TV Stand. It is another innovative idea that can’t be ignored for sure.

The moving rack or TV stand can’t be designed better than the shown one. You can steal this idea for making a best TV stand.

The corner of the room is covered with the beautiful white TV stand. It is based on six drawers for the different use.

This looks traditional and old stand for television set but can be transformed into the new one. The paint is only required to give it a newer look.

Three wooden storage boxes is being used in an intelligent manner. This is quite stylish way of placing the decoration pieces under the LED TV.

Simple and beautiful stand of LED TV with three racks and four drawers. The color is looking a bit traditional but appealing as well.