10 Ways To Reuse Plastic Bottles

This shows the general use of used plastic bottles. It is quite cost-effective way that stops you to throw them in the trash.

Amazing creative concept to feed the birds well. It’s better to spend some time on making such efforts to show care for other living things.

Well, your old and used bottles can also have such great use. Store your pairs of shoes in them in this highly creative way.

If you cut the plastic of bottle into small circles and arrange them all in a string, then this bracelet can be made easily. Try this out now.

By cutting the center of bottle in this way, you may end getting a large space to grow any plant of your choice. This is so productive.

Feed the birds and feel great by doing a little effort of turning old bottle in this way. Everyone should try it to save the lives of birds.

Wow!!! The bottle can be turned into a wind chime. This is actually an intelligent and cost-saving way of making home decoration pieces by yourself.

Put the multiple bottles in a row horizontally and grow the plants inside them. Go green and give a unique look to your garden as well.

The room’s window is not covered with the beautifully hanged upper portions of bottles with grown plants inside them. Simply, wonderful idea it is.

What a creative concept! The transparent plastic of bottles can be cut into any shape. Make the best miniatures from it.